I cannot completely abstain from technology, because I am part of a technological society.

However, I can choose which technologies and interfaces I abstain from.

I choose to abstain from:

  • Electronics in bed: no iAnything or screens of any kind in bed. My bed is a sacred space reserved for sleeping and liminal dreaming.
  • Multiple screens: I don’t use multi-screen systems (iPad + Computer), because I become mindless and more prone to bingeing.
  • Notifications: I turn off ALL notifications on my devices, except for phone calls on my iPhone.
  • Watching video alone: I don’t watch video alone. Movies with friends are okay, but not watching video alone. I use OpenDNS.com to block streaming sites.
  • Technology with people: When spending time with others, I spend time with others. No texting while talking. No social networks or news while visiting with friends.

This is my abstinence plan for today. I don’t always follow it, I still relapse sometimes, but when I abide, I feel far more connected.

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