Arrived Bangkok

June 10, 2010 – 9:15– Bangkok (Diamond House)

Arrived Bangkok.

NYC to Tokyo onto Bangkok.

Arrived Bangkok with a handful of tourists. The “backpacker ghetto” of Banglamphu appears empty, but perhaps it’s just early.  Go ahead try and say “bang-lamb-poo” without giggling.

Curiosities from inbound trip:

  • Utensils and glassware in Tokyo’s Narita airport “Made in USA.”
  • Live video feed from the nose of 777 aircraft is rather frightening when landing between thunderstorm cells, and stunningly beautiful when cloud-bursting across the Pacific.
  • Not one Starbucks. Great, but I need a cup of coffee.
  • Gasoline is almost $4 USD a gallon. Stop your complaining.
  • Traffic lights have countdown timers, which saves some of the $4/gallon.
  • Most billboards along the highway from the airport are for Air Conditioners. Yes it’s extremely hot.
  • 6 foot 4 inch Americans tower over the Thai.

Today’s adventures:

  • Find cheaper accommodation, because $25 USD is just too much.
  • Find a fun spot to watch the start of the World Cup.
  • Attempt to stay awake as I relax through jet lag.


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