Binge Viewing

I binge on Netflix. “Just one episode” turns into an entire season. Just this past weekend, I watched most of the Netflix series “House of Cards” in one sitting. In one laying actually; I was in bed.

Video can be a great distraction. An episode of mindless, meaningless dramatic comedy lets the mind rest. For many people that’s enough.¬†Rejuvenated by a needed respite, they return to living their lives.

But for some, that one episode turns into a brain-numbing season. Time distorts. Hours are lost. Emotional memory recalls nothing from this catatonic state.

Shame envelopes the post-binge and the videophiliac begins to “act in” by restricting video and tech use (see my post on the¬†shame cycle). Eventually (and inevitably) the restriction will fail, shame returns, and we watch “just one episode.”

Rinse and repeat.


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