I’ve been called many things. Some true, some not, but the only one I’ve kept is explorer.

I spent 15 years exploring 45 countries, and even more time exploring within my self.

Presently I’m exploring:

  • PsychoSpiritual development at CIIS in San Francisco. I explore technology addiction, depth psychology, mythology and human development. I regularly discover old things and make them new. Sometimes I find the same psycho-concept and think it’s new.
  • Discover Video: I explore my self and my world by shooting short videos, and finding the threads afterwards. Rather than make a movie, I discover the emergent story. Some people call this art. I call it normal.
  • Explore Others by coaching them towards fulfillment. I support friends and clients in creating a life worth living over at
  • Explore Untalent by hosting shows where attendees perform what they’re not good at. Untalent Shows happen twice yearly, and break self-consciousness into the bright bursts of joyous growth. Once I was terrified of dancing, until I untalentedly danced to BeyoncĂ©’s “Single Ladies”.
  • Beautymatters. I especially appreciate lighting