Change Your Story

Are you feeling stuck in the story of your life?
Are you tired of constantly playing the same roles?

The story of our life is just that, a story. We have a choice: We can be a reader – an unconscious character, mindlessly plodding along – or the author of our life story. Which do we choose?

Every decision, every action, creates a new world. Even if we’re not aware of it, our choices matter. We matter. Act mindlessly, choose the familiar and safe, and we’re re-creating the status-quo. Act with awareness – consciously choosing your story – and we create a story of growth, change, and hope for yourself, your community, and the world. Which do we choose?

If we choose the path of awareness – the path of responsibility and creative engagement – I want to help you and us.

I believe that the world needs courageous people like you, and I want to see what you create. As a career & life coach I help clients enact a new life story: A story that leads to greater satisfaction, fulfillment and a life worth living.

Do you choose a life story worth living?

I collaboratively coach with my business partner, Eran Globen, over at

Click here to read more about my coaching practice. 

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