How to Make Big Decisions by Flipping a Coin

Wait, what!? Leave my most important choices to chance? No!  Use the act of flipping a coin to help you mindfully know what you intuitively want. Let me explain, or just scroll to the bottom of the post for a guide.

A Problem with Choice
Let’s say your presented with a choice in your life. A choice between this or that. One or the other. You weigh the pros and the cons. You ask friends for advice. Research the options. But you just keep coming up with more questions. The decision somehow becomes more complex, more overwhelming. Choosing one means forsaking the other, but not choosing means giving up both. So the pressure mounts until your paralyzed by inaction.

Using Intuition as a Guide
Mindfully flipping a coin can help you intuitively Know which choice your prefer. I think of intuition (my gut) as our mind’s way of synthesizing our vast experience, sifting out the unimportant and telling us what matters. But hearing your gut in the storm of “decision worry” is often difficult.

Mindfully connecting to intuition, whether through tricks of chance or otherwise, creates the space to be more aware of our hopes, desires and motivations. And the more mindful of our motivations, the more free we are to choose.

A Trick for Cultivating Intuition
I learned this trick during my recent travels in SE Asia. Whenever posed with two spectacular destinations to sojourn I’d begin worrying, obsessing and waffling. One morning I’d decide to go to Laos and by the afternoon I’d have convinced myself to head towards Cambodia. Stuck in the cycle, I decided to leave the choice to chance.

I started showing up to bus stations without a ticket. I’d get on the next bus departing regardless of it’s destination. This helped break the indecision, left me in some wonderful and some lackluster locales, but didn’t help increase my mindfulness of my path.

So I tried flipping a coin to let chance decide. I began noticing that I could FEEL what I wanted as the coin turned in the air. And that notion, feeling, gut intiution informed of what I wanted.

Why not give it a try?
Next time you have a decision you just can’t make, try this:

  1. Take any coin and assign an outcome to both sides.
  2. Quiet yourself and try to be mindful of your mind and body.
  3. As you toss the coin into the air observe your thoughts, emotions and body sensations.
  4. Catch the coin and flip it on the back of your hand. Don’t look at it yet!
  5. Try to feel what you intuitively want the coin to tell you.
  6. Look at the coin. Does the outcome make you excited or disappointed?

Did it work? Could you feel your intuition? What decision did you make?

Share your experiences in the comments below!

One thought on “How to Make Big Decisions by Flipping a Coin

  1. I to have used this technique and it works! That feeling of excitement or disappointment is the tell. Very cool! I like the idea of showing up at the bus station and getting on the first one out. But what if it went to Cleveland?

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