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2013-12-15 16:48:30 2Since 2010, I’ve coached unfulfilled, stuck clients, and championed them further along their path. I believe that everyone should have their own personal ally, and that coaching provides a powerful way to deliberately discover our path.

More about Jamison and coaching: I work with people in career transition, and anyone looking to live life on purpose. He loves helping people create a life worth living.



Jamison and Bhante Some tools I use:
* The Co-Active Coaching Model, which treats clients as naturally creative, resourceful and whole.
* Enneagram Personality Typing: Understand why you react and behave as you do, so that you might accept how you grow.
* Untalent Practices: Confront self-limiting beliefs and internal saboteurs by safely giving them voice, and integrating them. Semi-Annual workshops
* Metrics & Assessment: Quantify what you can and feel the rest. Data helps us find the path we must feel our way through.
* System Analysis: It’s not all about you, and what you must change; it’s also about the social system — family, work & neighborhood — you’re a part of. I trained at the Center for Right Relations as a Organizational & Relationship Systems Coach.
* Personal Mythology: You have a story, and I can help you identify, accept and surrender the old myth, so that you can embrace, create and discover your emerging story.

Email for more information, or visit my coaching page.

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