Day 1

My name is Ionysus and I’m addicted to technology. The irony of writing that in a blog post does not escape me. I am addicted to technology and I cannot recover as a neo-luddite. I am part of a technological society. I cannot separate myself from it, and I don’t yet know how to soberly use technology.

My primary technological addictions include:

  • online video (Netflix, Hulu & Youtube),
  • aimless surfing,
  • feeds aggregated by Google Reader,
  • compulsively designing personal information systems, and
  • obsessively using my iPhone.

I will share the details as I write this blog. For now, know that I am powerless over my use of these info-technologies.

I’ve started this blog to chronicle my recovery from information technology. Today is day 1.

Thank you for helping keep me sober today.

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