“Don’t be dependent,” says American culture. Above all, be independent of any yoke. Be an individual, work hard, and don’t ask for help unless you absolutely need it.

I call this John Wayne Syndrome. It’s part of the American pioneer ethos.

Having tamed the the Wild West, we created technology to help us become masters of our inner lives and achieve ultimate independence.

We’re tech-cowboys.

Now, I could make the case that we’re actually dependent on technology; that technology, used unconsciously, is a bridle and yoke.

But I’d rather truly connect… with you, my fellow people. Whether part of my community of not, we as a people are interdependent. When we use technology to deepen, strengthen and nurture our bonds, then we’re creating resilience through interdependence.

We lean into each other. We lean together and we stand taller.

How do you use or get used by tech? Does it help you connect and practice interdependence? Does tech help you feel independent?

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