Fail Well

This year I learned that letting go of my atachment to future ideals creates the space for me to experientially find my path. So I have only one resolution this year.


Lost - Found

This year I intend:
to fail often
to fail epically
to fail at projects
to fail at people
to fail with people

so I resolve fail well

I’m sure I’ll fail at that too.

Happy New Year to all who mark their calendars.
May we all support each other through our failures.

I’d love to read your resolutions in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Fail Well

  1. Interesting to contemplate. I’m not sure if failing well means playing full out at whatever your doing and if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work big?

    I resolve to set small goals that I can succeed at, like committing to exercise 5 times a week but that doesn’t mean having to do it by going to the gym. Like today, exercise was walking the city for 4 hours. Check. Day 1 exercise. Done.

    • It’s simply to say: No matter what I do this year, I will certainly fail. So I might as well fail well.
      The long answer is for another blog post, but the idea is to NOT set goals. Rather, set intentions and be mindful of the progress.

  2. Thank you Jamison. Yes, not striving to be perfectly mindful one. An interesting paradox, and where much transformation can take place.

    I am with you!

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