How to Video

I make short, short films using minimal gear. I rarely plan a shoot, so I carry all gear, all places.

To keep it light I carry:

I can’t shoot anything useful in lowlight or far away, but it meets my needs of:

  • Minimalist and lightweight: I travel far and often fast, and weight adds up over gains in altitude and time.
  • Shortest Process to Publish: I often find myself in perfectionist editing loops, rather than publishing. I produce more when shoot, edit and publish from a single device, usually my iPhone.
  • Discover during editing: When I’m not editing on my iPhone, I use Final Cut Pro 10.1 to discover stories, moods and meaning in random video that I shoot. Sometimes these are linear tales I didn’t mean to capture. Sometimes they’re short mood pieces I didn’t know I was feeling. I video to explore and discover.
  • Remote Control: I use my iPhone as a remote control for my Sony Action Cam (a better version of a GoPro), which allows me to experiment with recording myself while alone. Most of my shooting happens when I’m exploring solitude or solitarily, and remote control permits a self-reflective exploration of personal depth.

More on why I use video to make meaning soon.

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