How to Ask for Help

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

– Teddy Roosevelt

I’m terrible at asking for help. I don’t like it at all. Asking for help feels like speaking a foreign language where the the only three words are “shame,” “pitiful,” and “weak.”

Here is how I ask for help anyway.

5 Steps to Asking

Step 1: Attempt All the Projects

I love projects and creating and making awesome. Just this month I have…

  1. Launched a crowd-funding campaign to help make Untalent 2014, and my “how to” series a reality.
  2. Invited 5 new clients to explore their compelling story.
  3. Started the final semester of a Masters program in East-West Psychology.
  4. Produced, what I consider to be, my best film yet: How to Magnetically Resonate.

I couldn’t manage one of these projects, let alone ALL THE PROJECTS. It’s less about how many projects, than their difficulty. They’re all impossible.

Step 2: Don’t ask for help. Try self-reliant solutions. Panic. Repeat.

An enormous, self-reliant juggernaut lives in my head. He blunders around screaming:

I must do all the projects. I must do them alone. I can only win in single handed combat. If I am not a self-made man, then I am nothing.

The juggernaut panics daily. He stumbles often. His solution is to redouble his efforts.


Step 3: Fail well.

I cannot manage all of these projects. They’re beyond me. They’re all beyond my comfortable skill. I always fail.

Then (and only then) do I give up the self-centered will to win, the goal of looking good, while producing awesome. I surrender the fantasy of self-reliant.


Step 4: Accept Untalentedness.

… and that that’s how it’s supposed to be. I am not supposed to be an expert in self-promotion, marketing, crowd-funding, grad school or asking for help. AND I am not only a self-reliant juggernaut.

I am an expert at helping people create lives worth living, making short films, producing Untalent Shows and being Jamison (most of the time).

I remember to value Untalent as a perspective and practice.

That the foibles are what make me human. That my quirks are worth sharing. This is how I want to live Jamison.

Step 5: Make “How to Ask for Help”

Teddy Roosevelt, the lion of a man, said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

From here, as I am,

I’m asking for your help by sharing how to ask for help.

I would appreciate, in whatever way you can, your support for my projects. Help me discover, create and share awesome for you and our communities.

The US government has been good enough to loan me money to complete the masters, but I could use help producing Untalent 2014, the upcoming how to series, and finding 5 adventurous clients.

Simple Help:

  1. Invest dollars into “How to Jamison” at IndieGogo or share the project with community/art lovers.
  2. Help one of your stuck friends connect with me by sharing this Invitation to Explore.
  3. Like and share this message with someone who’s scared to ask for help.
  4. Subscribe for updates via (Click the + below)
  5. All the above. (Most awesome)

Thanks for your awesome. All these projects are in service of telling personal and community stories to create more awesome.

Untalentedly yours,

PS. Special prize for anyone who can find an untalented typo. 🙂

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