Material Casualties

Every trip has material casualties, and we all try to mitigate them.

My first casualty came within 24hrs of arrival when my jet-lagged arse crushed my Amazon Kindle. Really universe… my e-book reader? I can hear fate and fortune laughing and howling: “You couldn’t have crushed a real book.” You might ask: What’s the adventure in that minor catastrophe? The adventure lies in the test of my ability to smile and laugh back at fate and fortune. So I cursed them, then laughed unapologetically and concluded that misadventure by using my iPod touch to read my e-book. Take that fate. Take that fortune.

So I’m left wondering what the next material casualty will be. The smart money is on the iPod.

2 thoughts on “Material Casualties

  1. You dont get to own electronics anymore. You obviously cant take care of things like e-book readers and iPhones.

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