What I’m not

About Jamison

Writing about myself is the worst thing thats ever happened to me in this moment. That should tell you a lot about me: I’m dramatic, value the humility of the present moment, and can be strange

So I’ll tell you what I’m not.

I’m not a Buddhist monk. I tried to be. I’ve lived in a  monastery, studied BuddhaPsych, practiced meditation, and stayed a layman.

I’m not a psychotherapist. I am a life & career coach. Plus I develop personal development tools, and explore new practices. I believe that I can find a solution to this existential angst; this belief is my insanity.

I’m good friends with ionysus. He’s worth getting to know.

I’m not a woman. I do lot of men’s work, and love women.

I’m not always logical. I am a spiritual seeker with some weird notions about reality. And my emotional territory is vast.

I’m not an artist but I make a lot of art. Photography is fun, but I’m really passionate about making short, short films.

I’m not a genius. I study East-West Psychology at The California Institute of Integral Studies, but the closer I get to a masters, the less I seem to know. I couldn’t tell you what “East-West Psychology” means.

I’m not sober. I often get drunk on my own ego, and have a troublesome relationship to technology. I often think that I’m using tech, but it’s usually just abusing me. I write about tech-addiciton.

I’m not talented. I’m very Untalented. My friends are too; we throw Untalent Shows where people perform they’re best un-talent. Ask me about the next show.

I’m not a home body. I’ve lived in Egypt, Uganda, London, Australia and Thailand, and Peter Panned through even more.

I’m not dead yet. So I keep making and generating. Often I do too much, and then don’t do enough. I’m always on the path, and perpetually lost.

If you’d like to know more about anything I am or am not, just message me.

Also, I do 100% of what I do every day.