Relief or freedom?

When my phone beeps and buzzes, I get anxious. If I don’t immediately react to the notification, my anxiety increases; I become more and more unsettled. Checking the message relieves me of this emotional pain, but it does not free me from the bondage to my device.

I am trapped in a chronic notification cycle, and liberation requires the strength to sit with anxiety, fear of missing out, and uncertainty. Breaking the vicious cycle means I must courageously face my fear.

But I’m scared. I’m scared that I’ll miss some critical information or opportunity. I’m scared that I’ll be left behind. I’m terrified of simply being with the noise in my head.

And sometimes I still choose relief over freedom. The quick fix I get by checking my phone feels so good, that I’m willing to sacrifice freedom. Like an institutionalized inmate, I miss my familiar prison.

Pssst… hey there. I’m organizing a prison break, and I’m looking for an accomplice. I can’t do this alone. You in?

Do you want relief or freedom?

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