Smartphone Stress

Carolyn Gregoire over at HuffPo put together a list of 6 signs your smartphone is stressing you out.

A codependent relationship with your iPhone could be contributing to anxiety in more ways than you realize. A 2011 study found that when young people unplugged from technology for just 24 hours, the vast majority reported experiencing physical and mental symptoms of distress.

Gregoire’s 6 signs of stress:

  1. You have to respond… immediately (Pavlovian)
  2. You have Phantom Cellphone Syndrome
  3. You have a fear of missing out on what’s happening
  4. You’re neglecting your friends & family
  5. You feel restless when you’re away from your phone (the extreme version is called nomophobia)
  6. Poor performance in school or at work

Check. I’ve had all 6. You?

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