Swearing Off

  • Have you ever logged on Netflix and said to yourself, “I’m only going to watch one episode”?
  • Have you ever said, “I’m only going to check my email twice a day”?
  • Ever found yourself trolling Facebook, when you’d told yourself you *should* be working?

Self-Discipline Fails

We mindlessly scan Facebook, watch entire seasons on Netflix, and check our inboxes constantly. In response to these compulsions, people have developed some ways to try to control their technology use:

  • restricting screen time by limiting the number of hours they spend in front of a screen
  • not watching digital video alone
  • not bringing screens into the bedroom
  • turning off smartphone notifications
  • using internet blocking software to stop themselves form visiting certain websites
  • hiding their gaming controller or asking a friend to keep it from them
  • taking mandatory tech-breaks
  • the list goes on ad infinitum

These methods of self-discipline work for some technology users. They are actually “users” because they’re not dependent on the technology.

For tech-addicts, self-discipline fails. No matter how strong our convictions or resolutions, addicts ultimately relapse into harmful tech abuse. We are powerless over technology. No amount of will-power ever lasts.

We become stuck in a closed loop shame cycle, which will-power cannot overcome.

Then what’s the solution?

If we’re stuck in a closed cycle, then we need to access something greater than that closed system.


Did that help you stay tech-sober? No? Then perhaps you’re willing to seek a spiritual solution.



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