Teach Today

You have a gift. You’re trying to voice something. You know how to do something valuable.

Don’t tell your gift. Show it.
Don’t wait until you’re an expert. Teach what you want to learn.
Teach now.


  • Because you’ll truly learn it by teaching it. If you share your experience and process, then you’ll integrate and embody your teaching fully.
  • Because it was probably painful for you to learn, and now you know how to work through the pain. You have a map of the road you took. Share it with other travelers so they can find their own way.

I first learned the value of teaching in college. I excelled as a student because I started study groups where we’d co-teach. Each student would take a small bit of the material, study it in depth and then we’d co-teach one another.  I found that I’d learn more about what others taught, but I would truly understand, comprehend and embody whatever I taught the group.

You don’t have to learn something new to start teaching.
You already have a gift to share.
Teach it today. Teach every day.

My teaching today is sharing what I know about teaching. What’s yours?



One thought on “Teach Today

  1. And you have a gift(s) as well**** Beautifully written in a style uniquely Jamison’s. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your insightful experience with teaching other students. What a terrific example on how to successfully share information with others and more importantly, how to absorb it and have it remain with us.

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