Here’s an experiment: Try taking one piece of technology, and abstaining from it for a single day.

Can you go one day without your smartphone?

Probably not easily. The modern world is a technological world. We exist within technology, and cannot step outside it. Even survivalist Luddites in Montana peripherally depend on modern tech.

However, we can still choose to take breaks.

Tech-Fasting: Simple But Not Easy

Tech-fasting, like any conscious restriction, is simple: just cut out tech. But it’s incredibly difficult. We, whether addicts or not, are dependent on technology, and we will go through withdrawal. Here is my step-by-step media fast guide:

  1. Choose a time that’s convenient. I usually fast from sundown Friday to Saturday. The sabbath falls on a weekend for a reason.
  2. Choose what you’ll abstain from. You, and not anyone else, decide what technology you’ll abstain from. All screens? Just your smartphone?
  3. Tell people you’re fasting, and share your experience.
  4. Plan ahead. Cutting without adding doesn’t work. Plan engaging activities to fill your time.
  5. Journal. Write the experience of being tech-free. See what arises.
  6. Mindfully return to tech. Fasting might temporarily sober you up, but the sobriety won’t last. Go easy when you return to using tech.

Not convinced that a media-fast is worth it? Try using Rescuetime to track what you do on your computer.

Here are some more resources:

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