I use technology as a tool, and  I abuse technology to fix my dis-ease with life.

Smartphones are powerful tools. As portals to endless knowledge, digital tools, and one another, smartphones allow us to be superheros in our own lives. For some of us, the unconscious hero becomes a villain.

When I’m scared, lonely, tired or angry, I find myself reaching for my iPhone, unconsciously trying to fix my dis-ease. For example, I am uneasy queueing for coffee, and like my fellow caffeine seekers, I stare into my mobile device. A subtle angst arises and I fix it with Facebook, news, or texting.

Why am I uneasy standing in line?
Because I’m uncomfortable with the uncertainty of interacting with my fellow coffee lovers. Even though we’re sharing this part of our morning, I prefer the certainty of staring at a screen over the uncertainty that people represent.

We created technological tools to make life easier, but ultimately, we abuse technology to fix our discomfort with our lives. We sacrifice uncertainty and adventure for the ease of the predictable, the calculable.





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