The Sanity Pause (Article)

Great (concise) article on meditation in the Charlotte Observer.

Meditation is a brain-boosting, stress-busting activity embraced by everyone from the U.S. military to corporate executives. And if you’re living a busy, hectic life – and can’t fathom finding time to sit cross-legged in a quiet room – you’re an ideal candidate too.

"The people who race through their life are usually the ones who could use some focus and serenity," said Tamara Gerlach, a San Francisco-based meditation teacher.

Every day thousands of thoughts zip through our heads, something Gerlach likens to a jar of dirty water: Keep shaking up the jar and it will remain clouded. But "if we set the jar down, letting the dirt particles settle to the bottom, it leaves clarity at the top."

Meditation, proponents say, teaches you how to replace the mental chatter in your head with stillness. This ability helps us live more consciously.

Read more on their website.

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  1. Hey Jamison!! Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. So sorry we didn’t meet up this summer. I had no clue you were into to meditation. Perhaps our paths will cross at some point, here or abroad.

    BTW, you have a rocking blog!

    Thanks again and best of success in your practice.

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