About Jamison, by Jamison (Experiment)

Jamison rarely speaks about himself in the third person, except for this post, which is an experiment in writing about himself for the “About Me” page.

He would greatly appreciate any comments you might have, whether harsh or otherwise.

What the Jamison?
Jamison, like all matter, is about 99.9% nothing. Actually he is Nothing, but labels are useful to humanize him.

Jamison is a consummate traveler, sojourner and vagabond. He is vain enough to tell you that he’s visited over 40 countries in his life, and humble enough to feel guilty about it. He often flees locales and situations and searches vainly for happiness. This never works because he keeps taking himself whenever he goes. As the saying goes: “Wherever you go, that’s where you are.”

Jamison believes that he isn’t his beliefs, and that such contradictions are part of the human condition. Hence, he can’t prove anything except through his own direct experience.  Jamison finds the “unknown” to be the scariest thing imaginable and so spends much of his time staring into that abyss. Fortunately and unfortunately, he often falls into that void, because as Nietzsche wrote: “If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

Liberation Practices
So in an effort to free himself from the void of depression, Jamison began meditating in the Vipassana (insight) tradition and writing openly and honestly about his life at www.JamisonWiggins.com. Through these practices he came to understand that his perception of the world, people and himself are largely delusional.

Past labels
Jamison been been an English teacher, door-to-door salesman, writer, painter, waiter, gardener, handy man, web designer, rescue diver, biology apprentic, conservation worker, development consultant, unprofessional therapist and freelance philosopher.

None of which he defines as his career or purpose.

Prior Locales
If you ask Jamison where he is from he’ll tell you New York City but he was born in California moved London and then on to New York City, Massachusetts, Australia, North Carolina, New Zealand, Egypt, Uganda, Maine and Thailand.

The Present
Jamison is currently training to be a meditation teacher at Wat Chom Thong outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. He also blogs about his experience and generally intends to let go of wordly things. He consistently fails at this endeavor and yet pursues it wholeheartedly.

You can ask him anything: jamison@thewiggins.com or click one of the social links to the right.

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This concludes my experiment in writing about myself in the third person. I’m noting that I’m clinging more to my ego, so I doubt I’ll be experimenting in the same manner much more.

You can click on over the the About Me page, where the are more goodies.

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