Trying to be something (Mindfulness)

Aversions are overwhelming, and the idea of not having control is downright terrifying. Not having control means that the future is unknown. And there’s little more frightening than the idea of the unknown.

So I cling to the ideas of self and self control. Because knowing that manifest destiny doesn’t exist is very different from experiencing the lack of control. But that is the essence of letting go. Releasing hopes, desires and clinging.

Because in the end, there is nothing to create, because I am already who I am.

This topic came up because of a great blog post over at Mindfulbalance Blog by Karl Duffy as he writes:

We practice [meditation] in order to become more awake. This includes becoming more aware of the various ways we use to avoid being with a basic fear. We have numerous strategies to avoid any sense of insecurity of not being in control, of not always being sure of where we are going. So we have a tendency to look to ourside sources or achievements for support, to define ourselves by what we do or by some labels or badges. We are often afraid of just being ourselves, because we have learnt to believe that it is not enough. And one of the preferred ways to deal with this today is that we try harder, we do more.

Continue reading Karl’s post.

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