4 thoughts on “Wat Doi Suthep (Video)

  1. The fellow (tourist I presume) wondering across the square is a great clip. And the temple/moon shoot fantastic. End of clip almost three-D affect. Pull up on moon has temple appear to be moving right to the viewer.

    Jamison, how do you keep such a steady camera…have an auxiliary gyro attached to your wrist?

  2. Steadycam by combo of breathing, gorilla tripod and digital stabilization after the fact. Amateur hour but effective.

  3. The video was really moving. To me it’s as much the sound of the tones as the temple and setting. That last shot, as Dad points out with the moon, the clouds, really great production.

  4. Just watched your video collection and although trying not to be too maudlin, I’m brushing away tears of joy and wonder. Thank you for all of your glorious gifts. Brilliant. Keep ’em coming.

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