“We See as We Are”

Adventure in the little things.

Thailand is shocking; Shocks of time, culture, traffic and humidity. Wait, that’s just me. Buddha once said, “we see as we are,” and I am in shock. I’ve never been to Asia before, but I’ve been shocked in the same way before. The overwhelming crush of the “new” makes the smallest endeavors into adventures.

For example:

An early morning run becomes a test of my ability to dodge touts, cars, tuk-tuks and monks. Especially when I caught a younger monk’s head swivel after a long legged female tourist.

Ordering food from a street vendor is nothing more than guessing. Is that chicken, pork or miscellaneous? Just eat it and be full.

Even laundry becomes an exercise in resourcefulness: Soap? 7 Eleven has it. Yes, 7 Elevens abound in Thailand. Water? No problem. Sink? Nope, but a leaky trash can will do. Washboard? Knuckles suffice. Drying? A small line between suction cups and a fan. Laundry complete. Cost: $0.10.

The shocks abate but are ready to be renewed. Tomorrow will undoubtedly be full of large adventures in little things.

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